‘We guide and support businesses from India and The Netherlands to connect with business partners, for long lasting, sustainable and profitable relations.’

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About Hamara Bridge

With more than 500 million inhabitants the European Union has the most inhabitants in the world after China and India. The European Union accounts for about 20% of the world imports and exports and thus one of the largest economic powers in the world trade. The Netherlands form the gateway to Europe, whereas the Indian economy is booming. It’s our passion to connect these two worlds, working from offices in The Netherlands and India! read more


We guide organizations in connecting them with future business partners, for long lasting, sustainable and profitable relations. With a focus on organizational aspects as well as on communication we ensure that the right parties with the right expertise communicate on the right way. We have a business club, deliver services in importing and exporting innovative products or services, and lead projects.read more

Business club

We are bringing together businesses in an exclusive Business Club, that offers a platform for networking and a range of functions that you can benefit from. The Business Club helps with answers to most FAQs that arise in the market. The aim is to spread knowledge, improve networking and help find potential business partners overseas. Imagine the costs and efforts that can be saved with such a network!read more